Speech Recognition

We provide a worldwide collection of speech datasets that are diverse, scalable, and meticulously transcribed, perfect for training machines to accurately recognize and understand different types of languages.

How it Works
Data Collection
Global Resources
  • Environments

    • Indoor

    • Studio

    • Outdoor

    • Incar

  • Devices

    • Mobile (iOS/Android)

    • Computer (Desktop/Laptop)

    • Pro (Hi-Fi recorder/Mic Array)

  • Speakers

    • Language: Chinese/English/French/German…

    • Gender balanced: 1:1

    • Age: Children/Senior

    • Education Background

Data Annotation
  • Step 1 Machine annotate

  • Step 2 Human transcribe / Validate

  • Step 3 3 rounds QA by human & machine

Accuracy between 95%~98%

Surfing Tech applies its own algorithm during speech annotation to ensure high efficiency and accuracy. We achieve above 95% accuracy rate after three rounds of quality inspection, which makes the datasets more valuable for speech recognition, semantic understanding, and human-computer interaction.

Speech Data Portfolio
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