Surfing Tech at ICASSP18

Surfing Tech



Surfing Tech participates in ICASSP (International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing), to further introduce Surfing Technology to the international speech industry - strive to design and build better AI datasets and open source to the academic.

Edison Ho, CEO of Surfing Tech, and Cheng Lanying, Director of Speech Technology, presented the results of Surfing Tech Speech Recognition Data at ICASSP and discussed the future development direction with colleagues in the industry.


1. The existing speech dataset designed and developed by surfing Tech.

2. Open Source Speech Dataset.

3. Our research on the data needed for speech recognition algorithms

4. Exploring the frontier research of speech technology, such as the progress of unsupervised learning and the new requirements for data.


In the course of the meeting, surfing presented the open source "500 hours Chinese Mandarin Speech Dataset" and widely welcomed by speech specialists. Surfing Technology is committed to building the world's largest open platform for artificial intelligence resources, and is gradually achieving our small goal. We will continue to open up new AI datasets for free use by academia.



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