Surfing’s High Value AI Data Attracts Tens of Millions Order in the First Year of Startup

Surfing Tech


In the field of AI phonetics, most of the practitioners are male, and Cheng Lanying is one of the few women. Since college, she has been interested in the field of AI speech; after she began to work, she started at the grass-roots level and has now succeeded in retirement, but she still wants to continue working in the field of AI.


In June 2017, she and her friends jointly set up Surfing Tech, focusing on building an open platform for AI data resources.


The platform provides data solutions in face recognition, speech recognition and automatic driving for large enterprises in all fields of AI at home and abroad.


Cheng Lanying believes that the team's ability to develop algorithms independently and to design data solutions independently are barriers to platform competition. The company provides high-quality data sets to improve the basic ability of AI, and to improve the profitability of the company by increasing R&D investment and the ability of labeling automation.


At present, the platform has dozens of influential data sets. The company has also cooperated with some well-known AI companies at home and abroad. Since the establishment of the project, tens of millions of orders have been completed.

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